Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Can't control myself from writing 09 even though factually/knowledge based I know the truth. I am compelled by some unseen force telling me to remember tradition. Remember how my hand moved for an entire year every day in the same way when writing the date on a sticky note or log sheet (writing). Remember how we recite the date every day in class. Today is Tuesday, January nineteenth, two thousand nine (oops i mean ten :P...[speaking]). I may hear two thousand nine spoken by another and not notice it is incorrect (hearing). How long does it take to form new habits? Ruts? Spatial/verbal/heard memory? I have heard it somewhere that new habits take 2 weeks to form and keep in the brain. So does that mean continuously, every day, once a day? Might have to go check that one out.

Well, we know hopefully most of us should be able to write or say the date correctly by February. Whew! But, there are relapses throughout the year on occasion. Sometime mid June of this year, I will incorrectly write 2009 for the year when writing the date. Eh I'll be on summer break chillaxin by then, who cares ya know? :P