Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nothing New

It is sad that the month of my birth always brings news of more idiotic people telling me what to do. This month, strangers are telling me who to vote for in this midterm election coming up on Tuesday. I am tired of the phone calls, the ads everywhere, and all the glossy publications sent to my home. Thanks for wasting my tax dollars to promote yourself you selfish bastards. What is even worse, is the brainless minions who follow these politicians blindly simply because they belong to a certain "party." Hmm donkey or elephant? Turd sandwich or giant douche? Doesn't sound like much of a choice. Did you forget what happened last time? Change and hope were chanted but nothing is new. Do you think these people actually care about you? They don't! They have their own agenda which is all about money and power. People have said to me, "Oh, well _____ is different. He/She actually wants to make a difference in the world and help people!" Uh huh sure. More like helping themselves.

Aren't you tired of strangers telling you what to do and making decisions for you? I stopped voting in 2004 after my first presidential election. I couldn't believe that people voted that retard from Texas back into office. How can that man have been chosen as the best and brightest in this country to lead us? I thought to myself what is the point of all this show? And that is exactly what it is, a giant money-making show to convince you that your voice is heard. Well, I have news for you. Your voice is not being heard, unless you can scream over the preteen girls crying out for Justin Bieber. Or maybe you should listen to the celebrities telling you what to do: "Buy these jeans and oh by the way, vote for ______." Yes, they know all about what's going on in this world. Or maybe you should look to the Bible about who to vote for.

If you have any kind of brain inside of your head, you would realize that this country is run by money and power. We have been lied to, people. The election and holiday seasons are great times to wake up and see what this world is really about. The hypocrisy is rampant. Get inside that brain of yours and try something new. Think for yourself!

P.S. If this post gets you upset or offends you, well my job is done.

P.S.S. Walorski and Donnelly, stop sending me your crap! I'm not voting for either of you losers. I will never be okay with strangers making decisions for me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Can't control myself from writing 09 even though factually/knowledge based I know the truth. I am compelled by some unseen force telling me to remember tradition. Remember how my hand moved for an entire year every day in the same way when writing the date on a sticky note or log sheet (writing). Remember how we recite the date every day in class. Today is Tuesday, January nineteenth, two thousand nine (oops i mean ten :P...[speaking]). I may hear two thousand nine spoken by another and not notice it is incorrect (hearing). How long does it take to form new habits? Ruts? Spatial/verbal/heard memory? I have heard it somewhere that new habits take 2 weeks to form and keep in the brain. So does that mean continuously, every day, once a day? Might have to go check that one out.

Well, we know hopefully most of us should be able to write or say the date correctly by February. Whew! But, there are relapses throughout the year on occasion. Sometime mid June of this year, I will incorrectly write 2009 for the year when writing the date. Eh I'll be on summer break chillaxin by then, who cares ya know? :P