Saturday, May 31, 2008

If I were president.....

With all the political propaganda going around these past several months, it has me thinking about how my campaign would be if I were running for president. Even though I never plan to run for any political office ever, I just thought it was fun to ponder. The views and interests of the candidates today are so vague, no one really knows where they stand on the issues. What is important to them? What are they going to fight for when in office? Anyway, here is my list of things I think are important and I would fight for when I become president.

~I would push for legislation for the government to provide higher education to all those who want to go. I think college should be free just like K-12 education. I see the importance of education and knowledge, and college loans probably distract a lot of people from pursuing higher education. I personally know it really blows to pay off student loans :(

~I would do everything in my power to further science including but not limited to the space program, the human genome project, as well as drug and other substance studies. I also would push for natural health products such as vitamins, etc. to be legislated because as of today companies can put whatever they want in pills and sell them for a profit without any accountability. I would also push for further exploration of "lost" areas on the planet such as deep sea, deserts, and even antartica.

~I would also push the importance of faith in people and things that have proven themselves in the past. We have trust and faith in the scientific principles of gravity and even our own sun rising and setting each day because they can be tested and the results can be repeated. Those are things worth putting faith in because they have proven themselves. That goes along with the importance of evidence to base my trust on. A healthy does of skepticism would be good for this country.

~And finally, but perhaps most importantly, I would fight for everyone's right to do whatever the hell they want. I would outlaw the Patriot Act as well as many other pieces of legislation that take away citizen's rights. There is nothing more important or worth saving and fighting for than a person's choice. Life, liberty, and happiness, right? I would support anyone's choice as long as it does not affect someone else's right to life, liberty, and happiness. I would also like to bring blatant honesty and sarcasm to public office, because we all know what a bunch of tight wads politicians can be. Also, I would try to encourage discourse and conversation about difficult issues because nothing will change if people don't talk about things and work together. Other than that, I would want my constituents to know that I love music, making creative things, and playing video games. I am married to my best friend, Greg. We live in South Bend, Indiana and have one adorable puppy named Boo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Life is really all about decisions. We are at the place we are in life right now because of our own decisions, as well as those around us or even people we may not even know. Our choices really do make a difference in the grand scheme of things. We may not be able to see the direct impact today, but it is there. A seemingly small option could even mean life or death. And you know, it is my wonderful and exciting privilege to make the decisions that I think are best for me. Even though it may be a smart thing to do to think about others when making decisions, the only person you can really decide anything for is yourself. It is prideful and arrogant to assume things for other people. I know I really hate it when people make decisions for me, especially people who don't even know me. It is like they think they can decide what is best for my life. Even my close friends and family, I would never assume to tell them what to do with their life. If they ask my opinion, I will give it freely, but never in that bossy or arrogant way. To be a good friend or family member, all I can do is try to support people to educate themselves so they can make the best decision for themselves as possible. Even if I don't agree, I totally respect a person's autonomy to decide what they want for themselves. Anyway, that is way too much pressure to decide something for another living being. I barely can decide what I want, let alone what someone else wants :) In the past I have stressed so much over choices and how they will affect others. In all honestly: who fucking cares? I am going to do what I want when I want. WHATEVER I DO WHAT I WANT! :) It is funny though, when I make those choices that really bring me happiness, it magically jives with other people too. I don't feel neglected or abandoned, because I am looking out for me. When I am happy, I can help other people get to that place too. I know it sounds completely selfish, and it really is. But, life is good and I'm going to enjoy it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sevendust Concert

Saturday night, my husband and I went to Club Fever here in South Bend for a rockin concert. Four great bands played: Overscence, Neverset, Black Stone Cherry and Sevendust. I haven't been to a real concert for probably three years and this one was definately rockin. All it takes is some alcohol, funky lights, a smokey room, and loud music pumping to get into the concert :P It was fun but I was tired and ready for bed after it was all over. In all honesty, the best band that played was Black Stone Cherry even though Sevendust was the main attraction. Sorry but that band pisses me off. They thought they were all that and showed it. I guess that is what popularity does. To me, Black Stone Cherry were way better musicians and I could tell that they practiced way more. They played awesome and jived with each other incredibly. It seemed to be more about the music to them and less about the flashiness or publicity. They had way more energy and overall put on the best show of the night. They just seem like cool guys. Oh well. Anyway I plan on buying some Black Stone Cherry cds, but will not be purchasing any Sevendust ones because they blow. The concert was fun and it was a great night out with my hubby :)

I'm adding a Black Stone Cherry video. Check it out: