Monday, May 5, 2008

Sevendust Concert

Saturday night, my husband and I went to Club Fever here in South Bend for a rockin concert. Four great bands played: Overscence, Neverset, Black Stone Cherry and Sevendust. I haven't been to a real concert for probably three years and this one was definately rockin. All it takes is some alcohol, funky lights, a smokey room, and loud music pumping to get into the concert :P It was fun but I was tired and ready for bed after it was all over. In all honesty, the best band that played was Black Stone Cherry even though Sevendust was the main attraction. Sorry but that band pisses me off. They thought they were all that and showed it. I guess that is what popularity does. To me, Black Stone Cherry were way better musicians and I could tell that they practiced way more. They played awesome and jived with each other incredibly. It seemed to be more about the music to them and less about the flashiness or publicity. They had way more energy and overall put on the best show of the night. They just seem like cool guys. Oh well. Anyway I plan on buying some Black Stone Cherry cds, but will not be purchasing any Sevendust ones because they blow. The concert was fun and it was a great night out with my hubby :)

I'm adding a Black Stone Cherry video. Check it out:

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