Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well there has been some drama around these parts this past week.  It happens the same way every time pretty much.  Someone says stuff, someone gets mad, no longer friends; you know the deal.  It all just seems very immature in my opinion.  I know what it is like to be on the low end of a friendship.  You think everything is going fine.  Then they find something out about you that they don't approve of, then bam!  They say goodbye in an instant.  I don't get that.  I was and am the same person.  Nothing has changed except your view of me.  Why are people so eager to let a good thing go?  No one is perfect, but why run away from your insecurities.  Why not face them and get them out in the open?  That is what a mature secure adult would do.  You know what you are? An ostrich.  Go ahead and hide your head in the sand.  Hide from the problems and issues.  Don't deal with them.  Keep them inside you emo child.  Go cry to your mommy.  Have a tantrum.  You seem to thrive on stress and drama anyway, so that is what you create in your life.  And you know, even though I never liked that about you, I never said fuck you I'm leaving.  I said ok, that's how you are, and I care about you so it's cool with me.  I can be tolerant of your stupidity and immaturity, but oh no you can't be tolerant of me apparently and the choices I make.  Well guess what?  Nothing you say or do is going to change who I am.  If you feel scared or uneasy around me, that is your own problem, and I guess we never really were friends.  It is all made clear now.  Too bad for you.  I really feel sorry for you.  You blew it.

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