Monday, September 8, 2008

Emo Complainers

I tend to be a very observant person.  One thing I have recently noticed is how many people are emo complainers.  Now let me define exactly what I mean when I say emo complainers.  When I use this term I want to describe a person who is negative all the time and whatever happens in life, good or bad, they think their life sucks.  They have the attitude all the time it seems.  They are habitually depressed because they are disappointed or unhappy for some reason in the life that they are leading.  There can be several reasons for a person to feel this way.  Perhaps they feel a sense of entitlement, that they somehow deserve better than what they are receiving.  Perhaps they had a plan in their minds how their life was going to pan out and it didn't end up the way they pictured it.  They don't have enough money, not smart enough, aren't cute, etc etc blah blah blah.  The reasons are really irrelevant.  The fact is these people feel this way and for some reason feel powerless to change it.  People feel powerless to change because religion has programmed into people that they are powerless and need a higher power, a god, to save them.  People can't save themselves; god has to.  So even when life sucks in your opinion, you don't do anything to change it.  You say "oh it's gods will" and try to learn to understand his will for your life while all the time being miserable.  People outside of religion still do this because they feel out of control of their own lives.  I think a major factor in personal happiness is feeling in charge of your own life.  What I have a difficult time understanding, is if your life is so bad then why don't you fuckin do something to change it?  You complain all day long about your crappy life then sit idly by as it happens to you.  If you would just take one ounce of the energy you have when you complain about a situation and turn it around to some action to change the situation it would be a whole lot better for everyone.  No one wants to hear you complain about your petty opinions about stupid stuff.  You think that if someone starts a rumor about you or no one loves you that it is the end of the world.  Everything revolves around you doesn't it?  If you would take one step back from your stupid insignificant life you would see that there is so much more beyond yourself.  I'm not talking about a god or anything mystical here.  I'm saying that you should understand that you are not special.  You are made of the same decaying organic matter as everything else in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE and you are complaining about stupid shit that will be destroyed and long gone in 1000 years and that doesn't even matter.  So just enjoy the ride while you have it!

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