Saturday, March 8, 2008

Death is the end

It matters what goes on right now. In the moment. Nothing lasts. What does it matter where you go or what happens to your body after you die. You have expired and will not know the difference. No longer feeling or experiencing, breathing no more. Life has ended and there is no more for you. You follow in the footsteps of generations gone by. I will follow also when it is my turn, as will everyone I know or have ever met. So will all the people who have ever been born. They too will die and meet the end of existence. There is no point in pondering what happens in death because it will make no matter when it happens. There is no point even regretting past mistakes or choices. Life in the now because it is what is right here in front of you.

In Memory of Mary Theresa Omiecinski, my grandma.

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