Sunday, January 13, 2008

Choice is my one freedom

I have realized the importance of ones choices. It is my sovereign right as a human being, to make whatever choices I want for my own life. That is my peragative. I am the sole possessor of what happens to my physical, and whatever other parts of myself, seen or unseen, body. I will never accept the authority of any that tries to deny these sovereign rights for myself or any other human. If the use of my own body is ever legislated, that will be the day that I march for freedom.

In today's world, a person cannot even make the choice to kill themselves. It is legislated to them that people who try to kill themselves are criminals and require intervention. I believe it is any person's right to choose to die, in whatever way they want. It is really the ultimate choice. No one should deny it or criminalize people who make or try to make that choice. Do not ever legislate what people can put into their bodies. It is no ones business but my own. No authority has the right to tell me what is right for my body. I do not care if you say it is harmful or it may kill me, allow me to make the choice to use it on my own. Do no try to rule my life with law. There is no law that can stop me from doing what I want with my own body. If that is ever legislated that will be the day that I march for freedom. If a person chooses to hurt themselves or alter their bodies in any way, I feel that that is their right to. No one should look down on anyone for the outward appearance of the body. Do what you want, and give others the respect for doing what they want even if it is something you would not have chosen yourself. If more people would do this in the world, a revolution would take place.

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