Monday, October 15, 2007


Lies, lies, lies
I've believed in them for too long
All the sick shit that this does to people
All the crap people do to each other for it
I won't be lied to anymore
Part of me was taken without my permission
I was never given a choice or free will
I didn't even know there was a choice
No one ever told me all of this
I feel like I was the butt of a sick twisted joke
I was so foolish to be a part of the proselytizing nation
I was raped and beaten, and didn't have a choice
I tried to get away but was sucked in further
A wolf in sheep's clothing, so nice on the oustide
But it is really a putrid pile of shit
Mmmmm tasty.....some people like to rub their faces in it
'Oh how wonderful he is......his presence is here'
Hey, if you like the smell and taste of shit, have fun
But not me

1 comment:

Ta'raad said...

Hi goose. it's kinda sad whenyou put it like that. I hope you don't stay in that anger zone too long because there is a whole great world out here and even though you had a bad experience, it's not so bad. I love yu and will always be here for you!