Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The world turned out a lot so much more different than it was supposed to
It was supposed to be a place where we lived together in peace
Regardless of whatever differences people try to find today
Something went wrong…we fucked it up bad
We found ways to make us feel more special than others
Ways to make us feel better about yourselves and our existence
We had to give ourselves a fake purpose instead of finding a real one on our own
Manifest Destiny….ruined the world
Bringing death…destruction…control….division
All in the name of “fill in the blank”
So many people were not given a choice
So many people were punished for being themselves
Millions upon millions simply for who they were
And we still do it today
When are we going to learn that death is not the way?
I feel helpless to stop what is going on in the world today
How can this be the truth today?
Is this the reality that I have strived so long to find?
It is ugly and terrible….how ironic it is… so sublime
I want this because it is the truth…but it is hard to swallow..
What do I do with this knowledge now?

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